VVHOA is VVAudio's suite of higher order plugins for ambisonics, including:


VVOctoEncode VVOctoEncode converts the A-Format signals from the new Core Sound OctoMic into 2nd Order B-Format.


VVDecodeH VVDecodeH converts B-Format into speaker feeds. Supports 1st, 2nd and 3rd order input and output formats from stereo to 7.1.


VVCLI VVCLIH is a cross-platform, command line tool with modules for encode, rotate and decode.

Not available separately

More to come ...

By purchasing the package instead of the separate plugins, you will get automatic upgrades as new plugins get added to the suite. Plans include rotate and pan plugins.
Complete high order ambisonic package including VVOctoEncode, VVDecodeH and VVCLIH $150
For those who already have a license to VVOctoEncode $50